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Mortgage lending is a highly competitive industry. With rising customer expectations, digitization is essential for ensuring quick and accurate processing. Loan volumes have been high as a result of the low interest rates, providing a chance for lenders to profit. However, in order to increase the closure ratio, lenders must be able to convert and close these loans.

The closing ratio is an important indicator that can help mortgage lenders increase their profits. Increasing processing requirements has a tendency to influence closing ratios, which raises costs and lowers profitability. Low closing rates might be a sign of inefficient loan processing in some situations. While the processes may be competitive, unpleasant borrower experience, lack of appropriate communication or even a complete lack of communication can cause the mortgage origination process to be delayed and result in mortgage fallouts.

Here are a few tips on how to boost your closing ratio and profitability.

Ways to improve closing ratio:

Mortgage process outsourcing is one way to improve your closing ratio. Service providers deploy a core team to handle your paper-intensive tasks while also effectively utilizing the potential of automation. Typically, enhancements are aimed at improving borrower sign-up through speedier on-boarding and fewer exceptions.

1. Invest in pre-underwriting reviews:

Streamlining the process can make underwriting work more accessible; proactive fulfillment of documents, pre-underwriting evaluations, and automated QC procedures can help prevent rework, reduce cycle times, and increase straight-through processing.

2. Leverage technology powered by AI/ML:

Automation tools powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) play a critical role in the precise and accurate processing of multiple documents. Lenders can achieve instant benefits by implementing ready-to-use technologies across their operations.

3. Automate loan set-up:

Lenders can automate the loan setup process with a variety of tools and techniques. Given the volume of documents that need to be controlled, lenders will be able to greatly enhance efficiencies if the setup process is digitized and automated.

4. Automated and configurable QC process:

Lenders must ensure compliance regardless of the partner they work with. Automated and customizable checklists must be employed, for QC processes to be stringent and consistent across the organization.

PrologiQ has vast experience in mortgage processing and has the necessary capabilities, people, and technology to assist you with mortgage processing and improving your closing ratio. As you gear up for the busy season ahead, we would like to partner with you and discuss possible solutions to help you scale your operations profitably. Please write to us at marketing@prologiq.in and let us present our capabilities.