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The Underwriter plays a very critical role in mortgage processing. All of us know that underwriting usually consumes a lot of time and costs and usually goes through multiple iterations. To minimize this time, If a lender can bring in improvements during the pre-underwriting stage, this can directly impact the productivity of the underwriters.

The Pre-underwriting stage includes managing a lot of paperwork, like document verification, stacking and indexing the loan papers received, preparing and sending the initial mortgage disclosures to the borrower, etc. This can get very cumbersome for an in-house team.


Challenges for Lenders

Mortgage underwriting is a significant step in mortgage processing, and the cost for these services is also very high. It is necessary that underwriter services are utilized in the best possible manner which, means that all the documents need to be in place for the underwriter’s scrutiny to speed up mortgage underwriting.

If the lender is handling the document verification process, the onus is on him to ensure that the best quality customer loan profiles reach the underwriter’s table for consideration. In case of any missing documents, it becomes the lender’s duty to co-ordinate with the borrower for the missing documents.


Need for a Pre-underwriting stage to optimize this Process

The Pre-underwriting review helps in identifying the existence of proper qualifying factors or a lack of them for the mortgage loan application. Preparing for pre-underwriting reviews helps filter qualified loan applications earlier in the loan originating process. Only files that meet the pre-underwriting qualifications are sent through to the lender’s loan fulfillment centre, in turn it results in speeding up the mortgage underwriting process.

Pre-underwriting reviews help in scrutinizing all the applications that have no scope of being funded, and also, we can work on getting any missing documents that have remained pending. This means a mortgage lender will have a comprehensive underwriting process, and the underwriter can focus only on the applications that actually qualify.

Preparing for pre-underwriting reviews also helps in reducing production costs as now underwriters can save time and speed up mortgage underwriting.


The Need for a Mortgage Processing Vendor

The process of reviewing the loan file helps in identifying the anomalies in the early stage. This also means that all the documents have to be in place. This is where mortgage processing service providers come into the picture. These companies work on collecting the documents and verifying them for all information that is supplied by the customer in vital loan documents.

They check customer credit records like FICO scores and tax return documents to ensure he/she has the required financial stability to make monthly payments for the loan. They also play the role of coordinating with the borrower in case documents are missing. They provide pre-underwriting support by following a checklist-based approach to ensure that all the critical aspects are covered in the file. Strong pre-underwriting support services are vital to establishing the accuracy and speed needed to expedite the underwriting process.


How PrologiQ Can Help you

Mortgage service providers like PrologiQ have a dedicated team of mortgage experts to offer pre-underwriting support. Their validation of the loan prequalification helps improve and speed up the underwriting process.

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