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Property Preservation
and Inspection Services

Managing vacant properties is a meticulous activity, considering the financial implication to the investor, the property preservation clients and vendors. Given the challenges of ever-changing rules and regulations, software updates and changes, chargebacks and the need to manage a large vendor base effectively while maintaining quality, property preservation is one of the most challenging tasks in the default space.

PrologiQ’s well-trained Property Preservation team helps you to manage even the most complex tasks with utmost ease – all this while reducing your costs by upwards of 50%. Our specialized environmental engineer can also consult on special properties that are causing environmental hazards. Some of the services that we offer in the Property Preservation and Inspection space include :

Pre Foreclosure and REO Inspections
  • Assigning inspection orders to vendors – both Pre FC and REO
  • Review of completed inspection reports
  • Updating the reports onto Client Systems
  • Follow up with vendors on late and pending orders
  • Follow up with vendors on pending correction or incomplete orders
Pre Foreclosure and REO Preservation Services on Both Maintenance and Repair Orders
  • Assigning Inspection orders to vendors – both Pre FC and REO
  • Review of completed inspection reports
  • Updating reports on client systems
  • Follow up with vendors on late and pending orders
  • Follow up with vendors on pending correction or incomplete orders
  • Assessing the nature of repair required
  • Allocation of required repair tasks to vendors
  • Obtaining bids for property repairs
  • Review of bids and approving the one most appropriate
  • Ensuing the repairs are completed as per required norms
  • Updating the client system with relevant invoice, photos and information
Utility Turn On and Off
  • Identify the utility service provider for the asset
  • Check for the requirements for Turn On
  • Receive relevant documentation like POA, title deed, authorization letter etc. from the client
  • Coordinate with the utility company for completing the documentation and payment of relevant fee
  • Coordinate with the utility company for Turn On either with or without meet and greet
  • Update the client system with the utility company and account information
  • Clear payment of Turn On charges, pending dues, deposits etc.
Vacant Property Ordinance Research and Registration
  • Identifying vacant properties post initial occupancy inspection / pre foreclosure Inspection. We maintain a robust database for vacant property ordinances for various counties
  • Check if the property falls under the jurisdiction where vacant property registration norms apply
  • Completing the relevant documentation for VPR
  • Registration with the city for VPR with payment of relevant fee
HOA – Identification and Management
  • Research on HOA company
  • Reach out to these companies and check the outstanding due and periodicity of payment
  • Compare with the local ordinance and check if it is as per the permitted range
  • Check with the HOA Memorandum on consistency in fees charged
  • Communicate the discrepancy if any and revise the outstanding due with the HOA
  • Coordinate with the client for payment of HOA
  • Monitor and manage the frequency of HOA payments
Utility Bills Management
  • Receive utility bills periodically
  • Scan utility bills and index per asset number
  • Update client system with the relevant utility bill information
  • Coordinate with the utility company for pending bills/ bills not received
  • Coordinate with the client for payments to be made towards utility companies
  • Creating consolidated accounts for bills wherever possible, for ease of Utility Bills Management
Curative Services / Code Violation Identification and Resolution
  • Check on the existing code violation on the property
  • Coordinate with the city office for any additional violation(s) & requirements for removal
  • Coordinate with Property Preservation companies in carrying out the necessary repairs to resolve the violation(s) within specified timelines
  • Submit proof of completion, coordinate for inspection by city officials, negotiate with the city for waiver or reduction of fine(s)
  • Update the client system with the final status on code violation resolution(s)
Vendor Management Services
  • Vendor Recruitment
  • Vendor Training
  • Order Allocation
  • Order Follow-ups
  • Order Scrutiny
  • System updating
  • Vendor performance management
  • Turnaround time and quality control
  • Vendor license and compliance
  • Requirement management
Recurring Services Include Bi Weekly Inspections, Lawn Care and Winterization to be Carried Out for Each of the Property
  • Identification of assets requiring this service
  • Order allocation to vendors on periodic intervals
  • Order Review for completion and client systems updating