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The mortgage processing industry is heavily regulated and one of the most difficult challenges is keeping up with changing Fed guidelines. The market requires highly skilled and knowledgeable processing teams to assist lenders in resolving and addressing issues in mortgage processing services. Lenders should consider outsourcing their mortgage processes to partners that can provide the necessary support.


Here’s how mortgage processing service providers can assist in resolving some of the top challenges:


1. Decreasing Turnaround Time

Even though loan processing is a time-consuming procedure, customers expect quick turnarounds. There are various time-consuming procedures and formalities, such as title checks and verifications, valuations, tax reports and so on. In order to deliver superior borrower experience, lenders are expected to process and service their loans quickly and within the compliance framework.

Outsourcing of mortgage processing is one of the most effective ways of improving turn times. Mortgage processing service providers have a qualified team of professionals, the necessary technology and a 24*7 operation to deliver fastest turnarounds.


2. Pre-underwriting Efficiency

One of the most crucial stages of the mortgage process is the pre-underwriting stage. Document verification and fulfilment, processing, stacking, and indexing loan papers, compiling, and delivering initial mortgage disclosures are time consuming and tedious activities. All these tasks require the use of technical experts. Mortgage processing service providers have personnel with deep domain expertise who can manage all tasks during the pre-underwriting stage and be the underwriting support team.


3. Processing of Documents

A collection of documents is required to be processed as part of the loan processing cycle. These borrower documents must be scanned, verified and processed. Preparing loan documents with foreclosure conditions and sending initial mortgage disclosure forms necessitates the use of skilled individuals. Mortgage process partners can help you process these documents in the most efficient manner possible.


4. Flexibility in the Workforce

In a market where talent is rare, lenders must discover solutions that provide experienced hands while still being cost-effective. The mortgage process does not remain consistent throughout the year. It experiences ups and downs depending on location, time-period and loan type. Hiring full-time employees may prove expensive during lean seasons and downturns in business. A highly cost-effective option is to collaborate with a mortgage processing service provider who can augment your staffing needs at short notice.


 5. Adherence to Compliance

Another critical aspect of the mortgage process is dealing with compliance scenarios. Mortgage companies must know and adhere to all rules and regulations in a highly competitive environment. To avoid lapses, tax and other legalities must be carefully controlled, and corporate practices must be revised in accordance with the legal declarations. Mortgage processing partners have specialist teams on staff who can proactively advise you on these issues.



Working with a technically skilled and experienced mortgage processing team can help lenders deal with the many issues that come with mortgage processing. Mortgage processing services are performed by PrologiQ’s expert teams. Please write to us at marketing@prologiq.in and allow us to present our capabilities.