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Workforce Management

Use our Temporary Workflow Management Solution to handle your non- core, project oriented, timeline bound tasks

PrologiQ Offers Temporary Staffing Solutions Across All Service Industry Such As
  • Financial services
  • Mortgage Services
  • Insurance
  • Healthcare Services
  • E- commerce
  • Information Technology
  • Use our Workforce Management Solution to handle simple tasks ranging from Research, Marketing, Data entry, Reporting etc., to Complex tasks such as Software Development and Software Testing.
Key Features and Benefits
  • Ideal for short project duration ranging from a few days to one year
  • Covers for your spike in volume and helps to handle the work overflow
  • Effective is complete suite of back office services such as Research, Reporting, Marketing campaigns etc
  • Saves on your recruitment cost, Time and associated labor
  • Reduces the investment in fixed assets
  • Provides you with a 24*7 coverage
  • Handle overnight tasks effectively and crunch your turn times