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Loan Processing

Loan Processing demands studious and meticulous handling of documents. Back office work ensuring correct, complete, and compliant to the ever-changing regulations, is mundane and time-consuming. We at PrologiQ with our well-trained Team and continuously evolving systems and procedures help our clients to better manage routine Loan Processing work and at the same time provide up to 50% savings on associated cost. PrologiQ by executing the time consuming and clerical work save precious time for the Client-side Processors who can now focus on critical functions.


Loan Set Up
  • Indexing of initial package.
  • Compliance review – Fee compliance (review of GFE, TIL, Loan Estimate) and Data compliance (Verification of loan parameters like LTV, DTI, etc. falls within investor guidelines)
  • Initial Document review (Scrubbing)- Review for signature and date on initial disclosures like Loan estimate, Borrower Auth, 4506-T, etc. as well as the completeness of details on various documents provided by the borrower
  • Ordering of various third-party reports as well as Loan utility-reports like Appraisal, Title report, Credit report, Fraud Guard, Tax transcript, etc.
Pre Qualification/ Pre Underwriting
  • Review of documents related to Credit, Income, Asset or Property of the borrower
  • Verify and Update data into LOS based on documents reviewed
  • Recommendation of decision after AUS.
  • Note and Escalate Redflags
Conditions Clearing
  • Follow up and Procure documents required by the underwriter, Review and clear them to closure
  • Ordering of verification docs like Verification of Income, Deposit, and others (as to clarify certain red flags or to get further information- when required)
Pre Closing
  • Closing document preparation –Closing Disclosure and HUD as applicable
  • Review of HOI, Flood Insurance and title Insurance for correctness, completeness, and compliance to the insurance guidelines
  • Clearing closing conditions like Verbal verification before the stipulated time
  • Dispatching closing instructions to the closing agent.
  • Schedule for Actual closing
Pre Funding
  • Review of final closing documents
  • Review and clear Prefunding conditions
  • Initiate funding
Recovery of Docs
  • Trailing document retrieval from title agency, Closing agent etc.
  • Closing docs indexing
  • Stacking of documents to be delivered to investor
Pre Investor Audit (Post closing Audit)
  • Post-Closing compliance audit-(audit of receipt of complete package, signatures, and others)
  • Quality Control Audit – (Extensive end to end review of the file)