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PrologiQ is the perfect destination for your outsourcing needs.

We provide customized and professional services to meet your business requirements.

Our Domain Expertise

We will be there for you in every stage of your process, dedicating our efforts to make your life easier.

Why Prologiq?

  • Quality & Commitment

    24*7 service

    We offer you uninterrupted, round-the-clock services, assisting you on your specific business needs at a very affordable cost. What does this mean to you? Faster turn-around times, increase in order completion rate, and rest assured, our deliverables will be at your desk when you begin your day!

    Evolving theme

    Cost efficient

    Our goal is to provide you with unparalleled services at optimum rates. Most of our clients have experienced a reduction of close to 50% of their processing costs. We do not bill you for the training period. We offer you a free test run on the first few files you allot us with and we will proceed to engage with you, provided you are satisfied with our levels of performance.

  • Thorough Documentation

    Managing your risk

    We are your perfect solution to manage your risk in terms of business volumes. Whether you anticipate a hike or reduction in volumes, we scale up or down our operations for you at short notice, thereby ensuring your business risk is reduced. We also act as your business continuity plan center, thereby ensuring that your work is on, irrespective of the local conditions.

    Great Framework

    Dedicated Process Team

    We provide you a dedicated group of people, who perform a detailed analysis of your processes, resulting in their gaining an in-depth knowledge on the said processes and policies, which in turn, helps you maximize productivity gains.

  • Responsive Layout

    Client Interaction

    We have a dedicated client management team to handle day to day customer interaction. Our dedicated relationship manager will be at your service, handling your queries swiftly and efficiently. We promise you a dedicated team, ensuring streamlined channels of communication, bridging the gap between our two worlds.

    Responsive Layout

    Accuracy and turn times

    We effectively employ Six Sigma and lean techniques in our daily operations, resulting in high standards of delivery. We apply the most efficient way of Process Management, resulting in cost-effective solutions for you, our clients.


    PrologiQ is the one-stop-shop to fulfill your business outsourcing needs.

    We target to deliver high-quality services at affordable costs, by using innovative techniques and constantly updating our daily operations methodologies.

    Our company is managed by a very efficient and committed team, possessing over 30 years of combined experience. We efficaciously employ a SIX – step process, to step up and deliver our services to our clients.


    •    Prologiq Business Service LLP,
         Module No.005/1A, Ground Floor,
          TIDEL Park Coimbatore Ltd,
         ELCOSEZ, Aerodrome Post,
         Coimbatore - 641 014
    •    0422 6464644 / 6464641
    •      973-419-5555
    •    info@prologiq.in